Himba Part 1

The last 7 posts from Namibia have all been sand, trees, ghost towns and abandoned cars..... not a lot of people! So for the next 2 posts it's all people, and all Himba people too.

Spent a couple of days in the North of Namibia, by the Angolan border photographing in a couple of Himba villages.

Had to fly up there in a 4 seater light aircraft, which was an experience in itself. Especially when I took a turn sitting upfront with the pilot, and noticing the pilot's concern while taking off that he might not clear the trees at the end of very short landing strip at Epupa!!! We did, but then whilst coming in to land for refuelling, he had to dodge a limping dog crossing that landing strip!

Anyway, I used off-camera flash to photograph the Himba, to help make the images pop a little more.

Himba photographed by Julian M Kilsby


Ophelia said...

Wow!!!! This is true art!