Sophia Blakey

Some shots from a portfolio shoot with Sophia.

Sophia Blakey photographed by Julian M Kilsby


Sean McCormack said...

Beautiful. Love the light leaks vibe. A really good editorial look too. Why is that when I do something, I look at your work and see you doing something similar..?

Look, I've a whole editorial planned with solarization.. leave that for a month, will ya?


Love that you've updated the biog pic to something more bearded. Is this my first comment since Focus? Can't remember, great to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean and thank you very much was good to hook up again at Focus.

It's clearly because we're cosmically attuned, and by the way, solarization is so last month! ;)

I thought the profile pic needed updating with a beard and blad shot!

Hope all is good with you.