About bloody time for an update! Contrary to popular belief I haven’t just been sitting on my butt for the last couple of months (okay, there has been a lot of butt-sitting but only whilst post-processing - and there’s been a lot of that!)

And I’ve had to wait for a lot of publications to come out before I could post some of this stuff - admittedly some of those publications have been out for a while, but what can I say, it’s a guy thing - I can’t multi-task!!!! Just been too busy shooting to update!

So here’s a selection from some recent (and not so recent) shoots.

A few of Helene Atsuko wearing Rachel Freire and Lady Lucie. Make-up by Naomi McKeever.

This shoot with Twiglet was fun especially building our little opium den in the studio. Corsets supplied by Boom Boom Baby and Morua Designs, and Lingerie by Karolina Laskowska. Make-up by Mani Kaur.

I already posted some pics from my last shoot with Cervena Fox but I had to hold back one look as these were being published in a recent issue of Bizarre, (including a Pull-Out Poster, my second one of those!!!) outfit by Shhh! Couture.

Some big gowns by Louise O’Mahony modelled by Amanda Tracey. Make-up by Shabana Dhadda.

I’ll post some more from other recent shoots tomorrow.