Been a while since I've posted, so this week will see a number of updates.

First of all, I've got a new website. Okay it's not a million miles from the old one, I decided to maintain the same branding, colour scheme, logo etc. But this site runs so much more smoothly than the last one which was, to be honest, really slow and clunky. The slideshow is also really nice. And there's a load more functionality that I'm yet to explore.

Over the next few days I'll be posting some shots from a few recent shoots, as well as shots from some of the one-to-one lighting workshops that I've been running. But today I'm just going to post a few Behind the Scenes shots from a 2 day circus-themed shoot that I did for costumier and body painter Neil Hughes

This was a great shoot, really fun and very productive, and so much food!! Anyone who has shot with me knows that I never stop for food, preferring to shoot through any kind of lunch break - that way we finish earlier! But this time I ate much cake! The following shots were taken by colleague and occasional assistant Ellie Gibbons , a very talented photographer in her own right, check out her work.

And check me brandishing the crystal ball!!! It's from the 99p shop and not only will it reveal your future but it also bounces!