I try not to get suckered into the need to possess every emerging technology, but sometimes you just can't help it!! I got an iPad last year, and use it on a daily basis, not least as a portfolio, a moodboard, and a lighting reference but also for the myriad of more obvious uses (internet, movies, music, maps etc). Although I haven't been sold on upgrading to the iPad 2!

But I was certainly in no hurry to get an iPhone, ask anyone who knows me, I've never been a great user of the telephone, I guess I'm just not that talkative! I've been carrying around the same old knackered mobile phone for years (cracked screen and all!), just never felt the need to upgrade a device that I don't use that much until.....

I just recently returned from a photo trip to Iceland (pics to come soon), some of the other photographers I was travelling around with were using iPhones as their second cameras, the things that they were doing with the Hipstamatic app blew me away. The day after I got back to the UK, I changed my contract and started playing with my new iPhone 4, it might've took a while but eventually I got suckered in!!

Shortly after that I had a shoot with Juchi, and for about 20 minutes I put down the Hasselblad and pulled out the iPhone. Using a couple of old hotlights and securing the iPhone to a tripod with an elastic band, and after Juchi had stopped laughing at how ridiculous it all looked we got the following shots, and these are pretty much straight out of camera with only a couple of minor tweaks in photoshop.

This is the start of a little project that I'll be doing at all future shoots, until I get bored of doing it!

More pics of Juchi (shot on a camera rather than on a phone!) to come very soon.


Allan Short said...

Julian: I did the same thing after I got back from Iceland only thing was I did not have Juchi to shoot.

Allan Short