Well , it was an incredibly busy year - what seemed like thousands of shoots and never-ending post-processing in between!!! But it was a great year, worked with some incredibly talented clothing designers and MUAs, and some amazing models.

So I've picked 13 shots (it was going to be 12, you know 1 for each month, but then 12 is such a boring number!!) These don't necessarily represent the best overall shoots, or even necessarily the most productive shoots, but individually they're some of the shots that I took last year that I like the most. It was a difficult decision, and I hope I don't offend anyone who I haven't included.

I'll start with this one of Chrys Columbine, it's the oldest shot here. The moment the shutter clicked I knew this was the shot of the day.  Lighting set-up, my old favourite: Beauty Dish just to camera left, and 2 kick lights on either side behind the model. This was one of my many shoots for Ooh La Latex, and I know it's one of her favourites too. And if I remember correctly it was the first time I'd worked with the wonderful MUA Gemma Sutton.

I really love this next shot of the lovely Monika, the eye contact here is fantastic. This tight head shot was cropped in even tighter in post. Monika is such a great model I really do need to organise another shoot with her. The MUA on this shoot was Becky Hunting, who very kindly stepped in at the last minute even though she had another shoot to go to later that day.

You can't go wrong with red and black, and you can't go wrong photographing Alivya V Free. She also did her own make up and made those fantastic shades. Clothing supplied by Ooh La Latex.

And onto Cervena Fox. She's done really well for herself over the course of last year, and well done. We first worked together in 2009 when she answered a casting call to help out in one of my MA classes, and we've been shooting together regularly ever since. I just love the simplicity of this shot. Outfit by Lady Lucie.

And from simplicity...... well let's just say the next one took a bit more work! This was my first shoot for Kaori's Latex Dreams, she had the initial idea, I dragged a few tons of concrete up to the studio and comped it all together. Gemma Sutton did her usual wonders with the make-up. And Sohui played all three characters. And what can I say about Sohui...... I've shot her a few times now (and have another big shoot with her in two weeks), everything she does in front of the camera is pure magic, and to be perfectly honest all 13 of these best photos of 2010 could've been of her..........

Last year I only did one location fashion shoot, all the others were in the studio (now that's lazy for you!) For this one I popped over to Leicester to shoot in a nightclub with Paige. The wonderful dress was supplied by Kaori. Make-up and hair by another one of my favourite MUAs - Samantha Gardner. And how lovely and professional was Paige - a really great shoot in a cool location. Cross-Lighting with one big octabox to camera left and a small softbox kick behind.

This next photo is from the second of my two shoots with Helene Atsuko, modelling one of Kaori's fantastic designs. She'd been photographed in this before and said this time she wanted "more sci-fi and less vampire queen".  I think we succeeded, helped very much by the incredible make-up stylings of Roseanna Velin.

And onto Becky Burton, she threw the most incredible shapes and has such a dramatic look. This was my favourite from a very productive shoot. I was helped very ably, as usual, by Samantha Gardner. I think the jacket is a plum version of the one worn by Alvya, by Ooh La Latex.
Samantha had already done make-up for the next model, and recommended her to me. Her name is Sophie Challinor and she has such a great look, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Roseanna did her trademark dramatic make-up - I just love what she does - and Ooh La Latex supplied another fantastic outfit.

And another shot of Sohui, we shot a real mix of outfits that day, this one supplied by Natasha Lillipore. I bought 2 blue fluorescent tubes initially intending to use them up close as strip lighting for some ethereal head shots, except one arrived broken in the post (made a very nice and very long maraca), so that idea was out! So we went for the old cliche, but I added a little watery twist! Hair and make-up by Roseanna Velin.

Ryo was great, and what a productive shoot we had that day. Julia from Ooh La Latex was clearly in rock chick mode with this studded little number.

And another Cervena Fox shot,  this time in full-on Jessica Rabbit mode with this amazing dress from Valkyrie Styling. Stage Light comped in during post processing.

And from the last shoot of the year, the amazing Anita De Bauch. Corset by Valkyrie. And getting that sheet of perspex on floor into my car was interesting, I tried very hard not to look too foolish in Homebase carpark as I tried to bend it around the seats, hoping it wouldn't break!

And there we go, there are so many more shots that I really like, but I'm drawing the line at 13........


Anonymous said...

This made me feel very privileged and flattered :)

You are by far one of the most inspirational and talented photographer I have worked with in 2010 and in general actually :)

Roll on 2011 :) <3

JMK Photo said...

Why thank you very much, you say the nicest things. :)

See you very soon.