Havana Go Go

This is the first of 4 posts featuring shots from my recent trip around Cuba, today I'm posting a ton of shots from Havana.

Cuba is a truly amazing place, packed with really friendly people, those fantastic old American cars and crumbly architecture. All that colour and texture is ripe for HDR, and I went HDR-crazy!!!

It was great to know that whenever you turned a street corner there was no chance of running into a Macdonalds, Burger King, Starbucks or any other corporate bullshit chain that infects nearly every other inch of the world!!

The next post will be shots from Vinales.

Havana, Cuba photographed by Julian M Kilsby


Mme. A. said...

your fetish shots are gorgeous, but these... wow!

Ellie Gibbons said...

Wow. Havana looks like an amazing place, and I agree, there's just something so wonderful about being somewhere without the corporate chains that make many parts of the world homogeneous. Your photos are stunning: the colours , textures and attention to details are breathtaking - I particularly love the dog photos as I had a similar penchant for photographing the pooches in India...they are everywhere, and always sleeping!!