Dem Bones!

It's the Ossuary at Kutna Hora again. I needed to travel light so I left the 5D at home and borrowed a 400D, stupidly leaving on the crappy kit lens! This meant I was working without the necessary wide aperture for these low light levels, and 1600 ISO on that camera is pretty noisey but when run through Imagenomic Noiseware they're not so bad.

Still, the shutter speeds were pretty slow - so one technique I recommend in order to avoid camera shake when you don't have a tripod or monopod is to brace yourself -elbows tucked in, set the camera's drive to Continuous, and squeeze the shutter as you breathe out (don't hold your breath!). Take about 4 shots on Continuous - the 2nd or 3rd tend to be the sharpest. It's not foolproof, but brings up the hit rate when shooting handheld with slower shutter speeds.

The first time I visited the Ossuary was back in 2000, I was still shooting 35mm then - armed with a ton of Fuji Neopan 1600 - I spent about a year shooting nothing but - I just loved that crunchy grain, anyway enough reminiscing, let's get on with the bones.

Kutna Hora Ossuary photographed by Julian M Kilsby