Found out yesterday that Lux Interior of The Cramps died from a heart problem on Wednesday at the age of 62. I've been playing Cramps most of the day and am dedicating this post to the great man in tribute.

I only ever saw The Cramps about 5 times, the last time being in the mid 90's at Brixton Academy (why did I not go see them again after that???!!!!!), but each gig was always brilliant.

Lux's performances were legendary, usually involving climbing up the PA stack with mic stuffed down his rubber trousers, (as well as many other more lurid acts that are now of mythic proportion!) His voice was once described as "the psychosexual werewolf / Elvis hybrid from hell"! I can remember at one gig he dragged out the middle vocal break of Surfin' Bird to last about 5 minutes whilst lying on his back atop the PA. Of couse this was always beautifully juxtaposed with Poison Ivy's almost motionless performance on guitar. The quintessential Rock 'n' Roll couple, married for 37 years. And as The Cramps they stuck to their guns, never diluting their sound - 'That Goddamn Rock 'n' Roll, the kinda stuff that don't save souls!'

Unfortunately I've never photographed Lux, so the following 2 shots aren't mine.

Photographed by Neal Preston

Photographed by André Bakker

All I can offer is a Buzz, Buzz Buzz and it's just becuz!!! Not exactly a Human Fly but a fly nonetheless!