You'll Never Leave

Just recently during a meal with friends, the discussion turned to the all time best British TV comedies. As usual Fawlty Towers was mentioned - although it was funny, I'm tempted to go against popular opinion and say I don't think it was that great! And Black Adder was hugely over-rated, Only Fools and Horses was utter crap and The Office was good but not as amazing as everyone likes to believe!

So when it comes down to classics of Brit Com, it has to be: The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Ripping Yarns (admittedly a little hit & miss), Nighty Night, Brass Eye, Mark Thomas Comedy Product. But without a doubt, streets ahead of all the competition is ....... The League of Gentlemen. Absolute genius.

Here's a couple of shots I took on a visit to Hadfield, where the series was filmed. An appropriately odd little place, it was a saturday afternoon and everything was closed apart from the corner shop, where the shopkeeper happily shared her photo albums of The League. We had a meal in the pub and left, as unfortunately Creme Brulee were not due to play!