Jade 3

And the last of the Jade studio shots. These were lit using the Bowens Ringflash adaptor, which is clearly not as good as a real ringflash and is just so awkward to use as it has to be attached directly to the flash head - there just isn't much room for flash head, ringflash adaptor, camera and photographer's arms!!!

A word about ringflash - for sometime now I think I've felt obliged to like it, after all some of the greatest fashion photographers use it - hey if it's good enough for the likes of David LaChapelle and Rankin! But I think I've finally come to terms with it - I don't like it!! It lacks direction and thus depth, after all it's on-camera flash - something we usually try to avoid at any cost. I know the ringflash adaptor isn't a real ringflash, but having used a real ringflash too, I think that it's time to stand my ground and say ringflash......... it's crap! (I may change my mind again, I'm prone to do that!)
In the last shot I placed the camera off axis to the flash to create a little more direction and some even more dramatic shadows.

Still loving the Bokeh plug-in!


James said...

Much prefer the off axis one mate.